Practice Areas

We provide data strategy consultancy for enterprise clients and designing data-intensive applications. We are experienced in managing data in NoSQL databases and cloud; migrating data from legacy systems such as ADABAS and RDBMS databases to NoSQL databases; integrating disparate data from various sources. We offer data as a service and back end as a service to meet your data need. We will be happy to discover insights from your data and help your database systems to infer your data

Our Expertise

Data Integration

We help you to integrate data from disparate sources

Data Strategy

We help you align your enterprise IT strategy with your corporate strategy by setting data strategy right

Data Management

We help you choose right database for your need and design it for data-intensive applications and data management

Data Security

We help our client in creating data security architecture for protecting confidential data, PHI, FTI and PII

Data Analysis

We help you in transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions and supporting decision making

Data Governance

We help you to introduce processes, governance, policies and standards for defining and managing data and providing single point of reference of data in your organization