About KM Data Strategists


KMDS is a provider of Information Technology services headquartered in Aldie, Virginia, USA. KMDS specializes in consulting and providing services related to data for enterprises.


Driven by a desire to help organizations to make the generational shift from relational technology to next-generation database technology, Anand Thiagarajan founded KMDS. He is spearheading solutions to solve the challenge of aggregating and managing data.

Anand holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Bharathiar University, India and an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, USA. 


We love helping our client's toughest challenges in collecting, managing, processing and analyzing business data in a shorter period of time. We solve a myriad of data strategic challenges such as data architecture, security and integration of data from silos.


We have a strong network of independent consultants who are strong in emerging technologies and willing to work on a short-term engagement or deliver a specific task remotely. We play an unbiased role in recommending products or tools that fits the client's architecture.

We develop cost effective POC.